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Who are we?

Shorelink started out as a family owned business, trading as "Poly Loo" renting portable toilets from Edmonton, North London - with depots in the Midlands and various locations in Southern England. In 1996, the rental side of the business was sold, thus enabling us to maximise our efforts into the design and manufacture of portable toilets and accompanying accessories.

Many years of experience running a large portable toilet rental company gave Shorelink a unique insight into the demands and challenges faces by rental companies, which resulted in the design and manufacture of the original SL2 toilet unit. This soon established Shorelink as a major supplier within the industry.

Familiarity with the rental business enables Shorelink to relate to people involved in the day-to-day side of a toilet rental business. We understand the problems and the solutions - and are therefore well placed to give advice on the legislation affecting the industry.

Our History

Shorelink first started to manufacture products in 1988 - with new and improved tooling being laid down in 1995 for the production of the SL2 portable toilet. Despite additional features and design refinements being added since then, this extremely popular toilet is still available today. The SL2 has been the backbone of the company's products, with a reputation for being extremely durable and robust - especially suited to the construction industry, although equally suitable for the weekend and special event market.

SL2 toilets are now in use all over the world and have proven to be very durable with very few replacement parts, making it extremely popular with rental companies.

With an eye on changing markets, at the end of the last millennium Shorelink decided to lay down new tooling for a more modern looking toilet - but one that retained the robust nature of the SL2. After nearly two years from the drawing board to the final tooling, the Meridian toilet was revealed to a most discerning audience at the Showman's Show in October 2001.

The Meridian toilet module provided Shorelink's customers with a superior product at a competitive price and with a build-quality and design far in excess of other products on the market. With its modular design, the Meridian sanitation solution enabled Shorelink to cater for a much wider market.

The Future

The need for adequate, safe and sanitary toilet facilities is recognised worldwide - especially in the expanding Third World nations. Different cultures and religions have a need for different sanitation facilities, which presents Shorelink with an exciting prospect. By continually monitoring world markets, and by working closely with local people, Shorelink aims to develop toilets facilities that meet the requirements of these emerging markets.

At the same time as looking at global markets, Shorelink also closely monitor the regulations and requirements for individual countries and regions. The Shorelink recirculating flush-style waste tank, and a wash basin which allows for full, warm water forearm immersion, are developments that were driven by demands in the UK. Other developments, such as the introduction of a foot pump operated recirculating tank, came from overseas customers. At Shorelink, we pride ourselves on our ability to swiftly bring new ideas and concepts to the market.

As the requirements for even higher standards have evolved - either through personal choice or legislation - Shorelink has continued to develop new applications and product features. By listening to the rental companies and their customers, Shorelink provide solutions with hot water hand wash facilities, shower cubicles and the mains connected Suburban toilet which can be adapted for the various electrical supplies as found throughout the world. This, and the self-contained fresh water flushing toilet, will assist the growth and continuing development of the portable toilet industry.

Shorelink has over the past few years continued to build upon achievements in the UK market and has established sales and warehousing facilities in Austria, France and Bulgaria and, in 2005, opened a sales representation and warehouse facility in New Zealand.

Mission Statement

Shorelink will continue to listen to customer ideas and suggestions - and as a result will develop imaginatively designed and exceptionally well built products according to their needs.

Through its close association with industry bodies such as the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) in the USA and Portable Sanitation Europe (PSE), Shorelink will assist in bringing about better sanitation solutions in both developed and Third World countries. Shorelink believes no one should suffer undue hardship and ill health through disease relating to unsatisfactory sanitation facilities.

Shorelink's aim is to continue to be Europe's largest and foremost supplier of portable toilets - and to extend that reputation into all worldwide markets.



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