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Grit Bins

Our heavy duty grit bins are made of UV stabilised polyethylene making them weather proof and corrosion proof. They come in six sizes and seven design types, and are both stackable and suitable to be moved by forklift. The bins are usually manufactured in yellow with GRIT-SALT moulded into the front, but can be produced in different colours and without the text if required.

  • 3.5-foot-grit-bin

    3.5 cubic foot / 100 litre Grit Bin

  • 6-foot-grit-bin

    6 cubic foot / 169 litre Grit Bin

  • 7-foot-grit-bin

    7 cubic foot / 200 litre Grit Bin

  • 7 cubic foot / 200 litre Open Front Grit Bin

  • 10-foot-grit-bin

    10 cubic foot / 285 litre Grit Bin

  • 12-foot-grit-bin

    12 cubic foot / 340 litre Grit Bin

  • 14-foot-grit-bin

    14 cubic foot / 400 litre Grit Bin

  • hasp-and-staple-lock

    Extra – Hasp & Staple Lock

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