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Storage Tanks

Made of rotationally moulded plastic, our storage tanks are durable and strong but also lightweight, making them easy to handle. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, and most can be personalised with your branding.

Holding Tanks

Our lightweight UV MDPE effluent tanks are rust proof, durable and strong. They are fitted with sealed caps for spill and odour reduction, have 5” fill holes and 12” access for easy cleaning. There is also the option for a wireless level indicator.

  • holding tank cad

    UV MDPE Effluent Tanks

  • storage-tank-1100

    1100 Litre Upright Storage Tank

  • storage-tank-1400

    1400 Litre Upright Storage Tank

  • storage-tank-1800

    1800 Litre Upright Storage Tank

  • storage-tank-2200

    2200 Litre Upright Storage Tank

  • storage-tank-3500

    3500 Litre Upright Storage Tank

  • storage-tank-6000

    6000 Litre Horizontal Storage Tank

  • multi low profile garden system

    Multi Low-profile Garden System

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