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SHOREKEM Toilet Additives

  • M120 5L Litre SL10 (Event Hire)

  • M131 205L Litre SL 10 (Event Hire)

  • M139 5L Litre SL400 (Event Hire)

  • M148 205L Litre SL9 (Event Hire)

  • M189 5L Litre SL9 (Event Hire)

  • M212 5L Litre SL50 (Event Hire)

  • M229 25L Bio Safe Extra (Recommended for Weekly Hire)

  • M229-1 205L Litre Bio Safe Extra (Rec for Weekly Hire)

  • M234 25L Litre High Concentrated Cherry Deodoriser

  • M235 205L Litre High Concentrated Caribbean Deodoriser

  • M236 205L Litre Chemiloo (Event Hire)

  • M248 5L Litre SL12 (Event Hire)

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