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Vacuum Tank Parts & Accessories

  • Wash Hand Basin

    MA12 2″ x 2″ Aluminium Spool Adapter

  • Wash Hand Basin

    MA13 Retractable Hose Reel

  • MA14 Primary Over Flow Valve

    MA14 Primary Over Flow Valve

  • MA15 Secondary Syphon Valve

    MA15 Secondary Syphon Valve

  • MA16 Secondary Valve 2" Ball

    MA16 Secondary Valve 2″ Ball

  • Wash Hand Basin

    MA17 Secondary Valve “O” Ring

  • Valve Plastic Bowl

    MA18 Secondary Valve Plastic Bowl

  • Wash Hand Basin

    MA20 2″ BSP upvc Ball Valve



  • MA21 2" Metal Ball Valve

    MA21 2″ Metal Ball Valve

  • MA22 4" Bauer Blanking Cap

    MA22 4″ Bauer Blanking Cap

  • MAO8C 2" Alm Kamlock Male / Female Thread (A)

    MA23 4″ Bauer Male Threaded Coupling

  • MA24 4" Bauer Female Threaded Coupling

    MA24 4″ Bauer Female Threaded Coupling

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